We did it

The briefing before kick off

So after holding this epic event again we did it!

With the new record now standing at 29hrs 15 mins.

Final Score

Scottys Little Soldiers 1277 – Fire Fighters Charity 1659

With the Fire Fighters retaining the Cpl Lee Scott Cup.

So a qiuck update on the amount raised as a broad park figure we are looking at £20,000

Over the next few days we will release more details as we look back over the event and bring you some amazing images from Hello Harriett Photography as well as others and video snippets from pitch side. We will also be thanking everyone that took part, volunteers and supported the event and also sponsored the event in one way or another. We also would like anyone that was involved in any way to just pop over by email, the Facebook page or DM on Twitter just a couple of lines of what it meant or how you felt being part of or watching the event with a little detail stated about if you were a player, family member, support staff or volunteer, sponsor or member of the public that attended or kept up to date from a far. With the permission that we are allowed to use this in future posts.

We did it

Scottys do the Conga

We all just want to say a massive thank you to all that took part in whatever way you did, big or small to make this event a success and allow the amazing amounts and awareness to be raised for both Scotty’s Little Soldiers and The Fire Fighters Charity.

Donation pages are still open and can be found from the links on the team pages so you can still support its never to late.

We did it